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Considering the first 2 levels a piece of cake when it comes to the Logo Quiz video game specially designed for the Android and Apple platforms, let's take a look at some of the logos you need to guess starting with the 3rd level. You can't not recognise the blue, flying eagle shadow used by American Eagle, the white O in a blue triangle used by AOL, or the red fox surrounding what seems to be a blue planet, used for Mozilla Firefox. These are few of the easily recognizable logos while some of those starting to pose a challenge belong to: Hot Wheels, Daewoo (a car brand), Nascar (a multi colored, horizontal rectangle) or Telefonica's logo. Some of the logos in this level seem to be more easy to guess for people living in certain areas of the globe compared to other logos and group of people.The 4th level has Ariel's, Discovery Channel's, Gap's and Dr, Pepper's or KFC's logos as some of the ones considered to be on the easier side. If you're wondering about the logos that are more difficult to guess, then consider Iveco, Fifa, Movistar, Reef or Piaggio.

Depending on where you live you might think that our classification is wrong, but keep in mind that not all the companies developed an office in a foreign country, so this list is subjective. In this level you will notice many logos that have been censored as the guessing really has to happen like in a real game.The next stop will be the 6th level, skipping one level just to spice things up a little bit. We recognised the logo for ATP, BNP Paribas, Bvlgari, Cacharel, and Gatorade - can you spot them? What we didn't recognize, or couldn't associate with any product or service are the following logos: Etihad, Daihatsu, Iberdrola or Repsol. Some of them will give away their business: Airberlin, Boeing, China Mobile - though we would never have guessed he log for this one, Mac and others.

If you think that there are more logos on this level than on the previous ones, you could as well be right.The 7th level might still pose difficulties for those who want to give out the answers, but you will need some ovation to have made it this far in the game. Let's see some of the discovered logos for this level. you might have flown with Air Canada (a red maple leaf in an open red circle), a yellow triangle seen on the Caterpillar products or the CH standing for Carolina Herrera. These logos seem easy enough to guess, but things became serious business. If you guess the logos for AIWA, Brita, China Unicom, Infinity, or KDDI then you might even get a trophy - or at least a really high score!Currently there are about 9 solved levels, however the developers want to still add level to this game - as if your addictiveness to it wasn't high enough already.
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